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car rental

Don't let this happen to you!

POAS Rent a Car (Costa Rica)
Contact Rigoberto Gonzalez

Make sure you tell him you are friends of Rick & Susan Deubel for a better rental rate. Their rates are the best we found in Costa Rica, service has been excellent. Cars, trucks and 4X4s are newer, clean and operate well.  They will pick you up at the airport and meet you at the rental office when your trip is over.

NOTE: Many other companies in Costa Rica lure you in with lower rates that do not include the required insurance. Not until you get there so you find out that the rate is actually higher or the car is a pile of rust, no tread on the tire etc. We have been very pleased with Poas and Rigo and his staff!

*Rigo is located in Liberia Costa Rica but will coordinate the car in the location you desire. Poas has offices in San Jose and all the local airports in the country.  There is no premium charge for this service, just the same good rate!

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