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If you arrive in time to go to the grocery store you will want to get a few things prior to getting to the house


as it is a 40 minute jaunt back to Santa Cruz.  We have also used the local Pulperias in Marbella and San


Juanillo to get many things .. We actually survived for more than a week with local eggs, chicken, pork,


fish .... was fun.


Always try and leave some rice and beans in the freezer for the next guest as survival rations in case they did not make it to the store!  We do the following things:


If you are arriving from Liberia Costa Rica and renting a car from Rigo at Poas, about 5 to to 10 minutes south of the Poas renal office (on your way to the house), Look for this big building on the left, behind a little strip mall with a souveneer shop in front. BEST SOURCE FOR ITALIAN food ingredients in the

country (Rick is Italian so this is important to us haha), wine included at great prices. In some cases better than than home, they are open from 8:30 to 5:30  and is a must stop for us to load up on a

weeks worth of specialty items. And a free espresso!


A great place in Santa Cruz  (go the the first square a vacant lot on the left on the

main street of Santa Cruz. Turn left, go a block and turn left to the Country Store

on the right) . They have great produce, eggs, rice beans and many fresh items.

 We usually go there just before the grocery store to and get things at the grocery

store that the country store did not have ... Country store takes credit cards!!!


Farmers Market in Santa Cruz Costa Rica is on Saturday mornings 6 AM to noon! 

Great selections of everything from fish, staples, Typical cheeses, Queso Fresco,

fruits, vegetables etc.  Must stop if you are in on a Saturday !  There are fruit stands

everywhere all you have to do is stop and purchase! If the produce markets are not

operating, there are always the roadside venders and produce businesses in and

around Santa Cruz.


The Bakery in Santa Cruz called Mussani. It is great, fresh & hot. In Santa Cruz

go right at the light by Banco National. Stay on the same road, it turns into a 1 way

just stay on it to almost the church town square about a half mile the Bakery is on

the left and the sign is orange with the name on it.  There are several liquor stores

all over the area for great local rums and other things that you might like .


Grocery stores in Santa Cruz there are several, either Pali, (1 or 2 blocks south of

the main drag, 2 blocks from the highway), Super Compro 4 or 5 blocks south of

the buss station in Santa Cruz as well as the new Mega Super by the Banco

National.  We found that the selections are ok, your brands are not easily found

but a good place to get staplesand a chance to shop where the locals do, an

experience not to be missed!  
NEW NEW ! There is a new Super Mercado right at the light across the street from the 
Banco National, this is modern and great to shop at.


On the way or from the airport in Liberia Costa Rica you will find a few small souvenier shops with wood and pottery items much less expensive than at the airport. It is appropriate to negotiate the price in Costa Rica! Costa Rica is not a souviner shopping heaven, mostly you will find handcrafted items either out of wood or pottery.


If you are driving from or to San Jose the best place in the whole country to get souviners is in Sarchi.  A small town in the mountains about an hour west of San Jose and 4 hrs east of our home.  To get

there you must take the old highway which makes your drive time much longer

than the new expressway.  But if you have time it's worth the day to see how they

make the most beautiful beds in the world. The bed frames in our home were made

there and will long outlive us!

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