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   You will be visiting the Guanacaste Peninsula on the West coast of Costa Rica, our home is as far west as you can go without falling into the Pacific ocean. Costa Rica is known for it's warm weather, which means no matter what time of year you visit it will be hot at our house. You will also experience rain, sometimes more and sometimes less. You will also be staying in a jungle environment but of course with all the modern amenities. So be prepared and plan for bugs and wild life of all kinds. Costa Rica has over 500,000 different types of wildlife in it's borders and many of them are insects. So be respectful and mindful of the fact that you are in their domain not the other way around.

   We do have our staff spray inside and outside the house on Saturday's before you arrive and should there be a need there are can's of spray under the kitchen sink for your use. Depending on the time of year you visit depends on the type's of bugs you will see. But all year you will see, ants, spiders, beetles, snakes, iguana's, crabs, and our prehistoric grasshoppers. And YES sometimes they will come in the house, just show them the way out. 

   Stray dogs are sometimes a problem in the area and of course your feelings will incline you to want to feed them but unfortunately then they reproduce and we have the vicious cycle of more stray hungry dogs. So we have to ask you to please don't encourage them and never let them inside the house as we don't want a flea or tick problem. Thank you in advance.

Once you have booked your stay with us, 60 days before your arrival we will send your arrival information, in the meantime:

  1. Make sure all members traveling have current valid passports and 6 months still remaining before the expiration date form the date of your trip. The good news is Costa Rica loves American tourists so you are granted an automatic 90 day visa upon arrival at no charge. If you have any questions about passport renewal check here.  

  2. Book your airfare, typically 90-120 days before your trip is the best time unless you are willing to take a chance and wait till the 3 weeks before and get a deal on non sold seats, however could cost you more. Airlines change their rates on Tuesdays at 12 am and wait to see what happens in the first 24 hrs, then Wednesday at 1am anything thats not sold is highly discounted, so that is the best time to look for new flights.

  3. The closest airport is in LIberia, just 90 mins drive to the beach house, but we suggest if you arrive late in the day to spend the night and drive to the house in daylight. That way you will have time to shop for supplies along the way and enjoy the drive. Also if you are flying into San Jose and drive the 4+ hours to see the countryside you will want to check out Hotel's for that city or surrounding area's, click here to see options.

  4. Reserve your car rental and your local US  airport parking 90-120 before your trip. It is a good idea to get an international license just in case and of course a valid US drivers license. Driving yourself really is the best option for a group as the area is very rural and you will need a vehicle to go anywhere. If you prefer to have a driver it can be arranged with Dioney our house manager and he will be your point of contact prior to your arrival by email.

  5. 60 days before your trip I will send you your arrival letter with some last minute details and the liability disclosure form which must be signed and returned. If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking to receive a refund of the cleaning fee it must be done at least 120 days before your booking or the refund will not be possible as we have already contracted for the cleaning to be done.

  6. Our housekeeper Marianna is prepared to cook a local, typical Costa Rican meal for you if that is your desire. It can be each day or only once. Her charges are $35.00 minimum per meal for 6 people, $40 for 7 or more. She will use your ingredients. Ask Dioney to work out the details for your desired schedule prior to your arrival.

  7. Check in arrivals 3:00 - 6:00PM Please arrive between these times Check out departures 10:00 AM Please not later (we need this time to make the house ready for your arrival) Make certain that the house is locked up if you leave earlier and let Dioney know your departure schedule. We want to avoid misunderstandings relating to damages or other issues that may arise. 

  8. IMPORTANT FOR YOUR ARRIVAL TO THE HOUSE ...PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE FROM THE USA...Contact Dioney via email at at least 2 week PRIOR to your leaving the USA and advise him of your estimated arrival time and the number in your group.

  9. In addition to our website with our suggested tours Dioney will give you an introduction to the area and tours and services when you arrive. Pure Vida!

 But most of all Enjoy the Journey!

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