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There are many different canopy tours in Costa Rica, Miss Sky is the closet to the house only about 40 mins drive, For a self guided zip-line tour check this one out.

Volcano Miravalles Tour plus Waterfalls-

includes transportation to the  Thermal baths, Waterfalls, Hanging Bridges, Zip-lines


The tour starts with a walk on the slope of the mountain a piece of virgin tropical forest with its immense trees which enrich the forest with a diversity of ferns, bromeliads, etc. You may also see capuchin or howler monkeys, raccoons, and many other animals of the forest.


Then you will glide down a cable or ZIP-LINE from platform to platform enjoying the beautiful trees. 


After you will have lunch then onto the waterfalls, you will have a choice of riding by horseback or ride in a wagon to get there? There you will find the steam and mud bath with amazing minerals from the volcanic rocks that will benefit your well being.


Full day excursion costs- $195 per person

Pick up at house at 6am bring extra shoes, bathing suit, towel, repellent and sunscreen.




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